Traditional DuctSox

DuctSox fabric duct is used to distribute and disperse air in both Open and semi-open Ceiling Architecture. Our products are custom designed and manufactured per project and the designs can range from very simple ones to the most complex ones, incorporating fittings like radius elbows, transitions and many more to suit every requirement of application and architecture design. The sections of the duct are zippered together to form the required length. This assembly system also makes it easier to remove and move the system when needed, making DuctSox a perfect choice for both temporary and permanent installations. The duct diameter ranges from 8’’ to 85’’. DuctSox fabric duct is the perfect alternative for galvanized and pre-insulated duct serving a wide spectrum of applications such as industrial areas, retail, commercial, educational, warehouse, laboratory as well as food processing environments. Ductsox System Key Elements:
To ensure proper system design, DuctSox Sales Engineers and Product Technical Supports teams are available for assistance. Or, review the DuctSox Design Manual located in the Media Library.

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